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The art of this painter and art teacher from Kaunas encourages continuously to take the outsider’s look at oneself.  At the exhibitions of her works the sacral conversion is often taking place; the strange, open concurrence with the truth represented – there are tangible motives, dreams experienced, painful losses and dramatic forfeitures…  What can be more human? 7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art).  Rita Mikučionytė.  2014.

So speaking of the expressionism of Elena Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė, the nonchalance mixed with a dose of in-depth experience on both the palette and canvas brings the unique charm and intrigue – the qualities that can be attained only after a good rest and being in the state of true relaxation.  Vidas Poškus.  7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art). 2011.

In her paintings, objects and installations there are plenty of sensibilities speaking through the non-concreteness: love, hope, hate, insecurity, pain, purity, naïveté wittiness, fragility, decisiveness, observation and surprise.  Virginija Vitkienė.  Nemunas (The Nemunas River).  2006.

This painting captivates the viewer by its emotional load, the discharges of energy spreading from fiery clouds, and simply by its artistic quality.  Literatūra ir menas (Literature and Art).  Jurgita Ludavičienė.  2005.

Details of pop culture are being united with the elitist expressionism, and this combination turns into the permeable unique characteristic easily understood and familiar to everyone.  Rita Mikučionytė.  7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art).  2003.

The stories Elena Balsiukaite is telling, and which are opening a new period in her art, would lose a part of their charm if their did not bear the sign of authenticity, a little part of life brought from the artist‘s experiences themselves that had been born and turned into images at the studio in a suburb of Kaunas.  Živilė Ambrasaitė.  7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art).  2002.

Elena Balsiukaite exhibits her works seeing them herself from the ironic and critical point of view towards her own works and towards the work of art in general.  Linara Dovydaitytė.  7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art).  2001.

Her expressive painting stands out because of its narrative nature.  In her pictures relevant external and internal experiences emerge that befall the viewer as sudden, strong and intensive brushwork, bright colours, not so small formats.  Externally untamed, spontaneous and even sketchy painting gives live to different men and things, which presence in the pictures is probably the most important thing.  Eglė Komkaitė.  Kauno laikas (The Kaunas Time).  1994.

Acridly bright, nervous painting by Elena Balsiukaitė.  Violeta Jasevičiūtė.  Kauno laikas (The Kaunas Time).  1991.


 From my first catalogue published in 2014 by the gallery Meno parkas


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