The year began with a rendezvous that was never planned. 22 years later, a picture that I thought was lost in the mesh up of the chaotic 1990s reemerged on a countryside estate in the darkness of a Northern winter night.

Then it happened again. Again, more than 20 years later two of my early works have resurfaced.  Differently this time, I had known all these years where they were, who was looking at them and where.  Yet lives – of people and of pictures – chart their own maps, take their own turns in different neighborhoods.  These two non-prodigal pictures have made back their ways to me.

These works, like The Last Chalice, are also from the period when I was working at the studio of Eugenijus Varkulevičius (Augis Varkalis) located in Kaunas Centre that I could borrow in the early 1990s after he left for Berlin and New York.  The pictures are inhabited by the things that were laying around there. Now the pictures inhabit my studio in Šančiai, it is all new to them.

On the left: Eugenijus Varkulevičius (Augis Varkalis) at the opening of my exhibition I am dr. Love in June 2013. Photo by Nomeda Repšytė.  On the right: I am at the opening of Augis’ exhibition Paintings and Videos in June 2016. Photo by Deivis Slavinskas.


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