The exhibitions go up and then they go down.  After more than one month Lexicon at Meno parkas as a part of the 7th International Visual Art Festival Kaunas mene / Kaunas in Art it is the time to pack it up.  That’s it for now.  To be continued.

Art critic Vidas Poškus about Lexicon in the culture weekly 7 meno dienos:

“Yet E. Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė is above all a painter.  For me as a viewer, Lexicon talks about it by presenting this painter’s aesthetic and conceptual set.

How is Elena a painter?  Without any doubt I would say – by being intellectual.  Her works is a tough nut for the ignoramus – for those who do not read literature, do no listen to music (from classical to avant-garde and jazz), do not follow other arts.  Elena’s works (and Lexicon too, its components – compositions hung on the walls, canvases spread out on the floor, individual items and trifles) are like badges from the 16th century which you have to understand  by decoding its inscriptions in order to understand what a picture is talking about.

The second thing that is unique to the painting of E. Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė is that its is so multilayered.  It is brushes that are oriented towards the depth, touching the essence and not just gliding upon the surface, the exterior.  They form many layers hovering above each other, lie onto each other, press one upon another.  And it should not be understood literally: the multilayered quality of her painting is not only the physical but also the emotional state that is materialized by the inner shining.  It can be simply defined as the secret, and Elena’s works are like that because a riddle, charade or puzzle has not got different aspects and and planes.

And the third quality of the painting by E. Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė is the flickering.  It can be described using the existential terms of fear and trembling of Søreno Kierkegaard’s but also by simple painterly flickering, that painterly sfumato, which, as great Leonardo would say, is the condition for good painting”.




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