Last year a friend of mine brought to my studio a bag with books on Chaim Soutine (1893-1943). Exhibition catalogues; tracking him influencing the great ones – Willem de Kooning, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet; his life story that is more appealing as a legend than a biography.

I have tried to see the manor house of Bikuškis Estate where we gather for a plain-air session each summer for years now through the eyes of Soutine.  Winds rising from the Alaušas Lake there can be fierce and bend the trees along the gravel path.  Nature willing, it all can easily turn into a living picture by Soutine.

bikuskis 20130720 122

Oddly enough, I realized that the round and pointed round brushes are no longer in fashion.  They were instrumental for him, and I had to turn to self-making round brushes out of those I had in my painter’s box with me.  This is the picture waiting for the title to find it.

Soutine'iškas . / À la manière de Soutine. 2016.


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