The summer drags us out of towns, away from the cobblestone and asphalt surfaces. Molėtai Inspires Artists gathered 17 of us in the town in the Lake Country for the sojourn during the local festivities.  The two-day long exhibition The Room as a Gallery in the old house of dr. Albertas Jauniškis’ – gone like a passing train…

Moletai ikvepia dailininkus 2016

Dr. Albertas Jauniškis (1863-1941) of the Karklinė Estate with wife Juzefa Kondrackaitė Jauniškienė (1874-1937) and their four children resided in this beautiful stone house on the main street of Molėtai. In 1944 the house was nationalized by the Soviets and turned into the place of torture of the Lithuanian resistance fighters. It continued its sad existence during the years of the Occupation as it was the address of the local Soviet court. Now, for the third decade in the row the house stands empty, claimed by no descendants, harboring the memories of the happy life of the First Republic (1918-1940) and the dreary stories of the less fortunate times. Everything’s a dream.

Jauniskis Moletai 1921m_

The household of dr. Albertas Jauniškis. Photo from the collection of Molėtai Museum.


Everything’s a Dream. 2016.

moletai 003.jpeg

Me 2016, one of The Moirai 2005, and After the Party 2012.


The Marriage Has Failed but not the Dreams. 2004.


 Monstrous all Prophets are. 2004.

aiste gabriele cerniute moletai 2016 06 30

On June 30, 2016 the Lithuanian national broadcaster stopped by. Photo by Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė.

kritinos norvilaites nuotrauka 2016 07 01

With Vidas Poškus and Aistė Gabrielė Černiutė. Photo by Kristina Norvilaitė.


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