On March 28, 2016 Gallery Parko galerija located in the neighborhood of the Presidential Palace in Kaunas opened the exhibition The Woman’s Portrait in Contemporary Lithuanian Visual Art. There is always a story behind the sitter, of course, and so behind every exhibition.

parodos plakatas 20160428

The exhibit is the collaboration between the Gallery and the women’s helpline Pagalbos moterims linija. Volunteers are there to give the hand for those to whom the life seems unjust and even without the possibility to continue.  Outstanding women empowering women who are on the path of healing and living to the fullest.  She will be loved, they will be loved.

parko galerija 20160428 001

My Laura from the series ABOUT THEM was included in the exhibition. Here is the story behind these paintings, take a read of it in the days and times of speedy visuality.

parko galerija 20160428 003

And then, at the literal end of the day, you feel that the day was more than ordinarily meaningful.  And then, it is so right to walk back into the picture.

kaunas 20160428 001


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