<…>  For me, painting is the way of self-analysis – to answer questions I have posed to myself, to communicate with others, to be, to participate, to establish a contact, and only after all of this analysis move towards a synthesis. To observe what happens around you, to continue with synthesizing your experience or reject it, then to return to the starting position. It is the perpetual movement, the perpetual inner dialogue. The time comes what it is no longer enough, a wish to try a set of more varied tools appears.  The most interesting thing for me is to move from paints, canvas, and a plane to move to film and sound. And it is even more interesting is to return.  But it is very seldom that one returns to paint from other medias. It is very difficult to express everything in paint only.  It is different when filming – some things can be told using words. <…>

vda sale titanikas 201601

<…>  Again and again, I am pursued by the thought that a good artist=a dead artist. Then the market comes into play. And while you are alive ….  Personally, I do not feel the existence of the art market in Lithuania. I am not a player in it. I do not make my living from painting. I simply enjoy doing it. My income comes from other sources and I wish everyone to have the emergency exit in the way the mountain climber has got a hook. <…>  Money and painting – it is a topic for an entire discussion. Dostoevsky was writing for money. Chekhov too – he knew that if he wrote a short story he would get paid for it. And so he never wrote a novel. I would say that this is the endurance test. The one who withstands it wins.

<…>  I will put it differently. It is like the relation to Christmas. Santa Claus does not exist, he is not coming.  Are you going to wait for Christmas anyway? You‘ve got to do everything yourself – paint pictures, put together an exhibition, invite the audience, buy wine, and after the exbition closes  – go to your studio and keep on painting.  Does it make any sense to do it? <…>

vda sale titanikas 002 201601

On January 20, 2016 the discussion Does Young=New? was held at Titanikas, the exhibition hall of Vilnius Art Academy. It took place in relation to the exhibition Young Painting from Kaunas. Art critic and artist Vidas Poškus invited Arvydas Žalpys, Aušra Barzdukaitė-Vaitkūnienė, Jonas Gasiūnas, and me to take part in the gallery talk about painting, generations, art market, and the meaning of it all.  The transcript of the entire discussion has been published in the February 2016 issue of the magazine Kultūros barai.  The photographs are by Jokūbas Miškinis.

kulturos barai 2016 vasaris 012


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