I am dr. Love opens on June 13 at M. K. Čiurlionis’ National Art Museum’s Kaunas Pictures’ Gallery (K. Donelaičio 16, 44213 Kaunas).  It will be on show until July 14, Tuesdays-Sundays from 11:00 to 17:00.

elena 20130608 025

The necessity to find, to form one or another image, a visual sign comes always from my concrete experiences that are personal.

A year ago the doll-mannequin made its way to my studio.  Hamlet.  His mobility is strongly restricted by constructive hinges.  Looking at him, I see always how he is making hopeless movements trying to free himself.  That is how As Hamlet appeared.  Of course, everything began much earlier – it was at that time several  years ago when I was working on ABOUT THEM – the project about our young adults.

So that it is how Hamlet as the model, as the character came into the pictures.  He is neither a man nor a woman; he is neither a child nor an adult.  Yet under certain circumstances he can become Ophelia, the Father’s Ghost, Hamlet, Adam and Eve.  Hamlet is the one that irritate everyone with his questions, goes against the grain, and moves in his own trajectory condemning himself and everyone around him to anxiety.  Meanwhile, in the medical science the HAMLET Complex is the protein found in mother’s breast milk, which strengthens the child’s immune system and makes him resistant to infections.

I have been thinking a lot why my works are so different, so varied technically.  But inside I feel, I know that I am speaking about the same issues.  About the inevitability of the so-called Persona Complex.  Persona is the mask that does not cover up individual qualities but reveals and emphasizes them.  About the inevitable conflict of the individual with the surroundings.  About the surroundings that push away and isolate the one who is different.  Looks different, dresses differently.  Etc.  That is where The Strange Bird comes from.  And all the crows and The Angel of Šančiai.

These pictures I call drawings on the wall.  Firstly, I make the wall: the surface has to be alive – uneven, scabrous, damaged, grimy in its own manner.  Often there are other painted images underneath.  Then I am painting on top of them searching for the visual analogy.  In the process the images are being put on other images.  What remains is what is supposed to survive but I cannot give any guarantees that these images will not be painted over one day.  The process is always an adventure.

And only love is able to endure, remain in the situation, stand on the edge, not to collapse.  Dr. Love is always nearby.


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